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The concept of enterprise culture
Enterprise culture is formed in the long-term of the venture and development process among the enterprise staff. They cultivate the common goal, the highest value standard, basic beliefs and behavior. It contains a very rich content, including business philosophy, value concept, the spirit of enterprise, enterprise morality, group consciousness, enterprise image, enterprise system. Its core is the spirit of the enterprise and values. The value of enterprise culture
Enterprise culture affects the enterprise’s life
Culture is informal. But it exist everywhere and every time. In the developing of an enterprise, things informal is more important than that of formal, software is usually more important the hardware. This is not only the character of modern economy, but also the outcome of enterprise culture’s effect in long time.
Enterprise culture is the spirit of the enterprise, is the power that drives the enterprise developing, and is the best way for the enterprise to get the growth of its economy. The development needs culture and the culture can support the development. In any case, there will be no long time development without culture’ support. 

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