Remote control car alarm Basics

Date: 2016/6/26


Is a car alarm installed in the car, used to increase the difficulty of car theft, car theft devices to extend the time.

The following finishing interference by the remote control car price. Car alarms are divided into the following categories:

First, the type of car alarm

With the progress of science and technology to combat car theft means escalating, people from generation to generation developed a variety of ways, anti-theft devices with different structures, the current anti-theft device according to the structure can be divided into three categories: mechanical, electronic and network type.

1) hook lock, steering wheel, gear shift locks and lock basically a mechanical anti-theft devices, which rely mainly on locking clutch, brake, throttle or steering wheel, shift speed to achieve security purposes, but only anti-theft alarm.
2) plug-piece, push-button remote control and so are electronic anti-theft devices, which rely mainly on the ignition lock or to start
Achieve security purposes, but also has anti-theft alarm and sound.

3) GPS satellite positioning vehicle anti-theft system is a network-based security, which mainly by locking the ignition or starter to achieve security purposes, while also through the GPS satellite positioning system (or other network systems), alarm information and alarm vehicle location silently sent to the alarm center.

Second, the remote control car alarm features

Remote control car alarm with the advances in electronic technology and developed, is to promote the popularity of the most widely used on the market. It features full remote control anti-theft device, reliable and convenient, can take vibration detection, protection and gated microwave or infrared sensor and other functions. As the market for anti-theft device is ever increasing, remote control car alarm adds many additional features easy to use, such as remote central locking, remote place to send cold or warm wind, remote control electric windows and remote control to open the luggage compartment and other functions.

Third, the main configuration of remote control car alarm

A complete set of remote control car alarm consists of the following components:

(1) host part: it is the core and control center of anti-theft device.

(2) sensors detect parts: sensors or probes which may be composed of current widespread use of oscillation sense
Should, microwave and infrared probe is seldom used.

(3) gated section: includes a front cover switch, door switches and luggage compartment switch.

(4) the alarm section: Speaker.

(5) wiring portions.

(6) Other parts: including self-adhesive, screws and other accessories relay and instructions for use and installation feature
Line maps.

Fourth, the anti-theft device password

With the same mobile phone works, between the remote control transmitter and host security system remote control car alarm except to have the same transmit and receive frequencies, should also have a password in order to recognize each other. Immobilizer password is a group of different combinations of data, is a key anti-theft device. On the one hand it records the alarm of identity (identity code), the difference between all the different anti-theft devices; on the other hand, it inside his mouth, anti-theft function instruction data (data code or script), is responsible for opening or closing device Pirates , complete control of all alarm functions. In other words, with this password, also mastered the key to unlocking the antitheft device.

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