Do not modify the car alarm

Date: 2016/6/26


Buy a new car, the first consideration, of course, is the work of a car theft, anti-theft products currently on the market price is the level of disparity, different brands, some businesses and even provide security modification services, automotive anti-theft products chaotic market conditions have been widespread concern in the industry.

Brand price confusion
According to industry officials said, when many car factory, have been equipped with anti-theft device manufacturers original, from simple door locks, high-precision fingerprint recognition, smart start locking anti-theft system.

It is understood that in the current automotive supplies market, both from the variety, function, or from the brand, the price, the car anti-theft products can be described as dazzling. Right now there are hundreds of brands available in the market, the price from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars.

Product Disadvantages
With the development of science and technology, automobile anti-theft device has been from the beginning of mechanical control, to develop an electronic anti-theft alarm system and grab burglar alarm system networking.

Mechanical anti-theft device is more common, there are steering wheel locks, gear locks, etc., many brands. As for the price, from tens of dollars to between 400 yuan for groups mostly low-end mini-cars, vans and the like. Theft can only reach delay time, and can not alert, and do not use hidden, taking the cab space.

Electronic anti-theft device is nowadays more popular anti-theft device is divided into unidirectional and bidirectional alarm two categories. Price, one-way market price of 200 yuan -500 million, two-way is 400 -1000 yuan. Brand rich, especially private cars for a variety of equipment. But its electronic remote control car thieves easily steal passwords, and in harsh environmental conditions, but also easy to false positives. For example, when the rainy night loud clap of thunder, a number of cars come and go within the district will "call" stop.

Network-based security is achieved through the network switch car door, start the motor and enables remote vehicle condition reports according to the requirements of the owner. Divided into GSM (mobile phone network) and two kinds of GPS (satellite positioning system), but higher prices, more than 3,000 yuan (not including fees), more suitable for fleet use. In addition to the price of the product itself, we will have to pay an annual fee of several hundred dollars.

Expert advice
Once the unauthorized modification of the anti-theft device fails, it might lead to the original vehicle anti-theft device assembly starts, causing the vehicle can not be started. If the vehicle to the installation of anti-theft devices can be made to the purchase of the vehicle 4S shop expert advice on the vehicle, and some 4S store anti-theft device may provide upgrades, the installation of a lot of security features, but also more professional installation.

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