How to choose their own car alarm

Date: 2016/6/26


Anti-theft devices on the market variety, feeling a little blurred eyes, so much, in the end choose which one do?

1 inferior anti-theft lock car dealers sell with the row, saying such an outer self-install anti-theft devices, cars will no longer enjoy free warranty. It belongs to the industry monopoly, not legal. In fact, brand car repair center gave the warranty, only to distinguish the reasons and responsibility for the failure.

2 car theft a lot of showy, tricks ineffective anti-theft locks do not use. General electronic burglar alarm, remote control only now opening and closing the door action, barking false alarm horn, the lack of any anti-theft feature.

3 new, new-to-market car alarm should be carefully chosen, car theft and car expertise is closely related technology, electronic technology only know who is qualified can not make durable car anti-theft products, automotive manufacturing layman imitate theft products, generally no more than 3-6 months there is frequent failures.

4 Do not believe the hype of the Annunciation businesses, because they never reporting only bad news, as long as they let the car anti-theft products Diuguo that there are loopholes. Good car anti-theft products businesses not only to the good news, but more importantly for the community dares to let the public supervision.

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