Car alarm installation principle introduction

Date: 2016/6/26


First, what is the automotive anti-theft alarm?

Automobile anti-theft alarm is installed in the interior of the car anti-theft device, connected to the vehicle-related circuit, the circuit can lock starter supply or ignition system, deterrent, theft.

Second, the main function of anti-theft device?

The main features are: car central locking remote control switch, increase the vehicle after the start under lock brakes, spoon off after unlocking the car door flashing lights, deter, SOS searching cars, central locking automation, if necessary, there can be prevented grab (optional).


Third, the car alarm installation considerations.

1, when the first vehicle to be careful disassembly, and construction of various models to understand clearly, in the case of uncertain is not removable, so as to avoid damage to the customer. Car Washing Equipment

2, the circuit according to the provisions of the various models of science to find the way, can not be empirically. Only to find and install the alarm about the line, do not be curious. Computer circuit testing is strictly prohibited and airbags, ABS line.

3, because a lot of cars with computers due to computer failure caused the breakpoint FireWire; brake booster with models, models of power steering belt, if the breakpoint FireWire (ON), when setting snatches, will fire in about 30 seconds in this case the vehicle at high speed, the brakes of the vehicle and turn off after the steering is very heavy or failure, will cause significant harm to a third party. Therefore, the proposed line disconnect the starter motor, do not break the line of fire.

4, can be broken when the ON line models installed (such as carburetor, diesel vehicles without a computer class), 30A breaker white line is to be connected to the ON line, the alarm output negatively charged small yellow line to connected to the breaker small yellow lines.

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