Car alarm selection considerations

Date: 2016/6/26


Your car installation car alarm yet?

With the improvement of people's living standards, private car ownership is more and more families, but it also prompted another "development of the industry" - car theft, even as cars such a claim to be a huge article , actually there are a lot of "thief" desperate. Therefore, many car owners to make against this risk, have chosen to install anti-theft devices. But the face of the market a wide variety of security, when we choose to pay attention to what it?

Car alarm selection considerations

First of all, before choosing to consult other sources of a variety of anti-theft alarm, anti-theft principle and function, for example, timely and effective alarm, to achieve safe and reliable effects, determine the product type is a very important step.

Next, choose easy to use and can be user-friendly operation of anti-theft devices, anti-theft function to avoid problems caused by complex owners.

Finally, install a motor vehicle anti-theft devices do not freeloaders, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers of high-tech anti-theft products. The best choice for the Public Security Bureau approved the production of anti-theft devices have quality certification, and installation of the manufacturers responsible for carefully, so as to avoid poor quality or improper installation can not effectively deter theft.

Fault alarm, there are two one is prone to malfunction alarm reasons remote control battery is dead, security fuse ringing off the hook, the remote control is broken and host security failures. If the first two, general users can resolve themselves. If the latter, it is best to find a professional personnel or service station for help. Second, the false alarm, this alarm with sensitivity and stability related, it is recommended that the user selects the technology is more mature, better security reputation of the brand.

Install the necessary anti-theft devices, it is bound to increase the difficulty and time of car theft, to the owners for the opportunity to save. In addition, the owners have to take preventive measures, to take the necessary security measures, to note the following prevention recommendations:

Select alarm aspect must not be careless, currently a wide variety of anti-theft devices, used general electronic alarm, central locking, electronic key identification, gps global positioning satellite, locks, the code lock, steering wheel locks, gear locks, hook locks, etc., all kinds of anti-theft devices have their own strengths and weaknesses, it is recommended to purchase relatively efficient and affordable, but also to set up security measures prescribe.

Also, pay attention to select a parking position, to the extent possible the vehicle parked in proper parking places, and be careful not to store valuables in the car park, especially in the cottage, alley, typical cell, or facilities less than perfect vehicle parts should install alarm device. Because these places are the most willing to patronize the place thieves. According to police investigation, most of the vehicles were lost in this case occurred. So, with only a layer of anti-theft device "surface" of protection, the owner's own sense of security is critical.

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